I can so relate to this toon. I too like Pig love photography, and enjoy capturing moments, sights and things that catch my eye and that which i find interesting. It could be a tree, or the sun setting, or maybe a bird on the wire, sometimes its as mundane as a pencil on the table or Floppy lounging in our living room. There are also times when i love taking shots of my Origami pieces, friend’s kids, other performances and of course during my travels.. 

As for the learning, i am still learning, i spend hours reading up on instructions online, talking to friends about the various features, aspects in a camera
Like many others, i’ve been dreaming of holding my very own DSLR and taking better shots; but i do know i need to learn a lot on my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera.  This is one of the reasons i’ve taken on the Project 365, posting a picture a day, sharing some of my shots… 

A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.  ~Ansel Adams

I get excited when i see a bird in the grass before my cousin or friend
I get hyper when i watch a new car or gadget around me 
I love watching people in the station, their moods and little quirks 
And there are times when i simply enjoy the moment, and dont even reach for my camera!! I do believe that at times we lose the moment and are busy focussing our lenses, making sure the light is right, and angle is perfect…. 
So, next time you see something that seems even remotely interesting, pause, soak it in, and then capture it [in your mind or in your camera or phone camera]
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