If there is one situation where i am lost for words its at the time of Departure… Could be a cousin/uncle/friend flying off to a far away land or when am meeting someone who’s lost someone dear to them. 

Take off :

We are busy packing, shopping and generally yakking about the fun times we had, or about the impending visit, but then when it comes to actually saying that last good bye [not knowing when you will see them again], i choke- emotions and words play Tom & Jerry in my head, leaving me tongue tied [literally] 
And then, few minutes later, we are back in the car, heading home and i play an entire script in my head [of words left unsaid]. There have been times, when i have written a litter and hidden it in the hand baggage along with a small gift, hoping they see it as they board, or while on the flight… 

See you in heaven!!

An uncle, an aunt, a distant relative, a family friend, a friend’s parent/uncle/aunt/gramma/etc whoever it is, i am at such a loss for words, i am surprised.. I guess there is nothing that we can say to make them feel better. My only solution is to be there for them, let them know i am there , and be around [silently].. in most cases,  i get busy helping them with cooking, letting guests in, answering the phone, and making sure the person grieving eats/etc, but i have nothing to say and am always awkward in such places…. You cant make idle conversation, you cant laugh, you cant randomly shoot your mouth!!! 

I’ve had enough:

When i quit my job, at both the previous companies i could not tell Bye to all in the office, so sent out a long mail which drew quite a response.. Some were surprised, some screamed at me for not telling them, some wanted to meet [to try convince me not to quit] and then there were some who were happy to see me go[ guess their ego had a champagne shower]…. 
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