Had been meaning to visit the Semmozhi Poonga since the day it was inaugurated, but Murphy kept coming into the scene and ruining all chances. Finally, last sunday, bunch of us Blogger buds- Gils, Ratzzz and G3 decided to meet and the venue was – Semmozhi poonga!! I threatened the others to not bail out, inspite of which one did.. 🙁 Anyways, i did enjoy visiting, spending a few hours wandering about the vast space, the beautiful landscaping, the amphitheater or sorts, watching ducks swim about in the ponds, the fountains that seem to be reaching for the sky and the sprinklers that drenched us around every corner… A dodge here, a splash there, a dodge[attempt] and a bigger splash… 

The place is so different from what it used to be, kept looking for signs of where Drive in Woodlands had been and just couldnt find any.. The dry empty spaces are now filled with trees and plants and park benches occupied by lovers, families, and kids. The most crowded section was ofcourse the Kids’ play area, packed with people- parents kids and extended families i am sure!! 

Looking fwd to more visits…. Next on the list is Adyar poonga…!! 
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