In Pulicat few days ago, we decided to do the boat ride in the Pulicat lake when we thought we spotted a gazillion Flamingos. There was a dead crab and this claw that hitched a ride with us… 

The lake was very unique and that fascinated me no end.. The water near the shore was about 8feet deep, while as we went further into the lake, it became shallow, getting to a point where water was not more than a foot deep.. Infact, we had to convince the guys rowing that we were there only to see the birds and not for a joy ride. They were quite against getting anywhere near the Flamingos, not cos they thought the birds will get scared, but because the water was too shallow and the boat might get caught in the sand. One of the guys got off the boat, and literally pushed it all the way to about 5mts from the birds… And we are very thankful for what he did! 

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