I love writing Letters, sending Greeting cards… Not only that but my postal cards and letters will have stickers, perfume, colour and be lively. I dont know where i got this trait from, probably my uncles – Still remember how they used to send me postcards from wherever they had gone, and i still have most of them. Even today, my uncle in USA sends New year greeting cards to all of us! 

I love visiting the post office, picking up stamp, spending a few minutes analysing the stamp, struggling with my gluestick, wallet, phone, and what not as i seal the envelope and drop it in the box… 

This is a post box that stood outside Hotel Dasaprakash on PH Road.. Wonder if it is still there.. 

I wonder how many people write, send each other notes. I was talking to a friend of mine who’s sending a parcel to a loved one who is now across the ocean, and she mentioned that the person carrying it insisted on her sending a note along with it. 🙂 Teased my friend for being a silly non romantic for wanting to put a post it on the parcel, but she instead said – Nyaah, it was cos i was sending through someone that i dint attach a note… 

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