Uncle: Can we go to Pondicherry tomorrow? Just a day trip?
Me and my Sis: Sure thing, it can be done
Grandpa: But, we havent asked the driver to come in early
Gramma: You can go day after, plan the trip, we’ll make some lunch, and you can go
Uncle: No ma, we’ll go tomorrow, no worries
Me and my sis: Yep, we are cool with it.. We can head over to Koyembedu CMBT, hop on a bus and head out and be back by night
Uncle: Ummm, can we make sure it is an AC bus?
Me and my sis : Ya ya.. whatever!! 😀
We head out around 5.30, so we can make the most of the day and get back before it gets too late!
Granparents and mom nodded their head and smiled [ they probably thought these kids will talk big, but wont get up and go through with the plan]
And thus began the most recent trip to Pondicherry [ it has been a year, mind you]
It was 5am, and we were up… the 3 of us had actually woken up, had coffee, showered, and packed for the day. None at home could believe it…  Dont remember how, but we reached the bus stand around 5.30am and were walking around trying to find an AC bus heading towards Pondicherry… 
The day flew by, the journey was fun, with us yapping over the things we had done in the past..We were surprised that our uncle dint get lured by all our rants, and remained focussed.. he wanted to buy some ceramic pots and bowls from the stores there.. and he did!!
May in Chennai is always Hot, and Pondy was no different.. It was scorching, but thanks to my friend V, we got a cab that took us to Auroville, where we spent quite a bit of time wandering the grounds, watching the video on Matri Mandir, and ofcourse shopping, eating drinking in the complex within Auroville center. its a good thing the stores were all in one place, else we would have been exhausted. 
Adventure began when we were heading back to the Pondy bus stand to grab seats on a bus bound to Chennai.. Many came, but they were all so crowded, uncle was starting to panic and freak out.. Lets wait, lets wait…. we waited for an hour before my sis and i kinda decided for him – No use waiting, we just have to fight it out, grab a seat and that’s that! He dint like it one bit, but went along since no AC buses seem to make an entry. We travelled by Non AC bus, reached chennai around 9pm, and got home… 
Gramma: So, how was the day?
Uncle: It was good.. All but the return journey… we dint get an AC bus, and it was quite a ride…
Me and my sis : Chuckles!! Yes i am sure K had one hellova experience and wont ever travel with us
Uncle: Are you kidding me? no way, it was fun travelling with you girls… 🙂 [hugs]
Every visit of mine to Pondy has been different and unique. It is like i am travelling there for the 1st time! The person i am travelling with is different, the things i do are different, the kind of experience is different..
Well, my uncle is coming for a visit in a few weeks and i wonder if there will be a trip like this… 🙂 Until then, adios!!
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