I love travelling , more so travelling alone and it has indeed been long since i went away on my own! The kind of peace and calm i find, the ability to just take the day as it comes and make plans as i go along is something that was new to me, but soon became my mantra when travelling on my own..
 Goa, Nov 2009
We never really did family trips, most of my travels have been through school, college, or with friends. Therefore, it wasnt too much of a surprise that i decided to take the plunge and head out on my own. 
Friends were stumped
Family was appaled
But, i went ahead.
Explored new terrain
Visited places i had not set foot on before…
Ooty- May 2010
And now am wondering when that will happen again… Soon! i hope!!
Its ok if you dont understand.. This is something that one needs to experience and only a few can savour and cherish 🙂
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