There are days I wake up feeling awesome , am excited for no reason and the day goes off on a high.. Things go well and am happy through the day! Nothing draws me down or deters me from my path!

Friend: whatsup?
Me: (grinning) ohnothing,just another new day
Friend: what are you so excited about?
Me: nothing and everything 🙂 

And then there are those days when I just don’t want to get out of bed.. Am either sleepy or just not ready for the day(not that it is going to be any different).. The day then goes by slowly, with the seconds hand on the clock ticking away oh so slowly… I wait patiently for lunch time or in hope that a meeting might crop up to get me out of this mode!!

Grampa- come, sit watch. They are showing xyz temple/place
Me:(grumpy) grabs iPod and heads off for a walk.. (Slamming door)

And of course those lovely days when I dont sleep or have hit the bed at an unearthly hour.. The morning after is just terrible, actually the whole day is a blur.. Either am cranky or just bugged… These are days when I don’t push myself or force things myself.. I simply go with the flow and meet the end of the day with sleep tugging at my eyebrows..

Mom/grampa- good morning, had coffee?
Me: (Hmfph) no 
Mom/grampa- oh, go have! Milk is in a bowl in fridge, coffee dicoction in 2nd shelf in the fridge .. 
Me: ( silent ….walks away shaking head)

But, when am traveling and away from home.. It does not matter what kind of a day or night I’ve had, am up early and in a good mood from the minute I open my eyes!! I wonder why and I wonder how!!! 
Me: good  morning 🙂
Friend/aunt/others: good morning 🙂 

My3rd post via iPod touch!!

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