Day: Sunday, july 17th
Occasion: Yet another 1st time experience
On 16th july night, called mom and told her about going for a movie on Sunday, 17th july at 3.45… Few minutes later, while chatting with a friend, Gils and mentioned the movie plan and when he expressed interest, went ahead and booked an extra ticket for him…
Sunday, we were at the theater…
I had picked up our tickets from the counter…
We went inside
Went through the security check process
Killed time by yakking away to glory while standing in a never ending queue
Allowed the gazillion people to pass and wondered at how these days, everyday seems to be a sunday for movie goers- Theaters are jam packed, etc etc….. Oh yes, we also spoke about friend’s work, office, bla bla….
Finally, queue was fizzling out, we made our way, the “ticket checker” ripped a half of our tickets, handing other ticket to us and signalled us to enter the hall..
We made our way in, found our seats, plonked ourselves and ta da………. 
Another bunch of people came over, claimed the seat was theirs…
We checked the tickets
M row= Check
Seat No. 17,18= Check
Movie name= Check
Da dooooom…. Date= yikes!!! 
The Tickets i had were for ………………….. dont hold your breath… 18th July… whooopsy!! We got off the seats, and walked around wondering what to do… if we could just sit in some random empty space or should we get out………….. 
Ultimately, we got out, spoke to the Man in charge of the screen who said “Show fully sold out, but you can come back tomorrow and watch the movie, tickets will be valid” 
Awkward silences
and funny smiles were passed around…. with me looking at my feet pretty much all the time!! 
Oh well.. happens i guess 🙂
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