The cover of the book had me fascinated and so did the title… Blinkers off by Andaleeb Wajid is
the kind of book you should read after a packed tiring day…. The book
is light, while being deep;  It is fun while being serious and it makes
for a breezy read.
reading this book, i realized once again it is not necessary for a book
to be heavy duty, filled with high tech words and have complex
characters for it to be interesting.

The book is all
about “Noor”. Like every other college girl, Noor goes through her set
of conflicts and ideas.She dreams of becoming a screen play writer, ergo
taking the documentary making classes very seriously. When she comes
across Dennis, the suave good looking guy who is almost like a Knight in
the shining Armour, her heart skips a beat and emotions run amok.  And
then, there is her family… She is out late working on projects, her
parents, especially her mom is unhappy with this and even comments that
Noor should stop the course. And then there is her team mate Supriya,
who is anything but a team mate, quite the contrary!

day she is paired with Supriya, she wonders what is going to happen..
She is frustrated when Supriya does not even bother to contribute, but
is beyond excited when the Professor picks her script to be made into a
documentary. She is assigned a team of 5-6 members, all of who come with
their set of baggage, all of which needs to be dealt with if the
documentary gets made…

Supriya bugs her to no end,
her Diva like attitude, good looks and of course the fact that she is
all over Dennis… But, it is thanks to Dennis that Noor is able to get
through the ordeal and get her documentary done and finished. Noor has
to not only manage her team mates, but guard the Bride’s dark secret,
put up with Supriya and her tantrums, keep her feelings to herself and
remain focussed on the taks at hand- The Documentary! As things come to a
head during the wedding, Noor realizes there is no easy way out or a
solution in sight, and  i guess that is the curx of Blinkers off.

Characters are all very real, and we can relate to quite a few of the
incidents in the book.. I was also left wondering if guys like Dennis
actually existed in the real world and if so, where were they!! :D..
Andaleeb, any leads on this? 😉
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