We waited and waited… We were tired and hungry.. We had been walking for nearly 2hours and all of us had been up at 5am!! 
And then finally, a good 25mins later the plate of Pongal & Vadai with Sambar & chutney landed on our table… I dug my spoon into the pongal, blew on it and took a mouthful to realise it was COLD… Sigh…. Now i am double sure that i Still dont like Saravana Bhavan………… 
The only thing we look forward to in the morning is HOT breakfast…. and we were the only people in the hotel- about 30 of us, some in the AC rooms and a few of us outside…
We had finished our walk around the Mint street and part of the package was breakfast at Saravana Bhavan on NSC Bose Road, adj to the High Court. 
And then, a friend ordered a plate of mini idlies dunked in sambar, which looked good, but not sure if that was ok… The Poori & potato curry did look quite appealing…
But must give it to them- The Coffee was good- Not too sweet, not too chikkaryish, but just right!!! 
The hotel did have a good feel to it, it was an age old building with the ceiling in true Madras ceiling style, with beams running the length of the ceiling and across as well. There was long stemmed fans buzzing away…. 
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