Last evening, while walking down Pondy Bazar after visiting the Blackberry Service center, i noticed the sky was dark grey, and clouds were all over, as if they were brimming to the edge. Alas, rains happened only later in the night, albeit crazy rains…. 
This is the Hotel Residency Towers, that sits majestic at the junction, and looked like the hotel was literally blocking the clouds’ path….  The hotel has become quite the landmark in Chennai, with the multitude of restaurants, banquet halls and ofcourse the infamous Bikes & Barrels- the pub…. There is also a beautiful Roof top restaurant called The Crown, that offfers both indoor and outdoor seating… From the outdoor area, one can practically get a 360degree panoramic view of the city below…oh, not to forget the infinity waterfall that seems to stretch right into the city skyline….
Its simply beautiful, on a cool dark night…
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