Am submitting this post for IndiBlogger’s  Expedia – Around The World Contest
Have decided to start a series labelled “Travel Tales” where i will share interesting experiences during my brief escapades….. 
The people we meet, rather, the people we bump into sometimes has me in awe… Wondering WTH! 
Instance 1
There we were, just about done placing our Coffee orders at Costa Coffee, Indira Nagar and looking for a table to sit in when suddenly a familiar voice and a face beckoned me. I looked up to see a blogger friend, who i’d not seen in nearly a year [could be longer]… Spent the next few minutes catching up on our lives, what she was doing in Bangalore and what i was doing in Bangalore.. Yada yada yada…. Finally, parted ways promising to meet in Chennai…. 
Instance 2

Walking towards the bill counter to ask if the man/lady behind the bill counter knew of a shortcut from Kanchipuram to Sholinganallur, i walked past a lady. She looked very familiar, but i could not place her. She stood frozen staring at me. Then a small girl came towards her and interlocked fingers. The lady then looked at me with a smile and said  “You are the one who gave us directions to the Jain temple in Chennai..How are you?”… 
Me: Whoaaa [this had happened nearly a week ago and on a random morning]… 
Am good, so did you find the place?
She : “Oh yes, we said a million thanks to you for guiding us… We are from Bangalore, driving back.. and you?”
Me: Oh, i was in Bangalore for the weekend and driving back to Chennai with friends now… 
…………… I remember seeing that butterfly tattoo that day also and i told mom it was the same aunty, chimed the little girl 🙂 
Strange meets
Strangers yet familiar faces
and Familiar faces and strange situations…. Life!! 🙂
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