uncle called asking “ethavathu cinema irukka, nalaikku polama?” and
that was all i needed.. After a quick check with some friends on which
movie to pick, i spoke to uncle, mom & dad and booked tickets for
Engeyum Eppothum at Satyam Cinemas 12.15pm Show… It was the 1st time Dad and uncle were heading to Satyam, so there was an added splash of excitment amidst us.
After watching the movie, i am sharing my review … 

Directed by M. Saravanan
Produced by A. R. Murugadoss

Starring : Jai

Even before the credits rolled in, we saw the Fox Studios come alive on the screen. Must say, it was a proud moment to see Fox coming into the Tamil movie scene as well.. This is Fox Star Studios’ first Tamil production in association with A R Murugadoss!! Kudos!!
So, what is the movie about?Well, it is a love story, not one, but 2, oh wait.. i think it is 3 or 4 🙂
And then there is the Bus accident that kind of ties everything together

Whats the big deal about this, you might think.. But you need to watch the movie to know why!!
Everyday we watch new channels showcasing incidents of bus accidents and train colisions and we feel sorry for those who lost their lives and for those who have been left behind. We do wonder what kind of life they had led, or what they were embarking on the journey for.

Well, this is exactly what M.Saravanan has done through this movie. He takes us forward, giving us a closer look at the lives of those who were in one such accident, and shows what their lives were like, the work, romance, problems they faced before and why they were on the bus in the 1st place..

With just a handful of characters, the director has created a movie that is not only fun, filled with life, humour, romance, emotions and one that has the audience reacting in every scene..  What begins at the Bus stand is a journey with so many twists and turns, that at the end we are all holding our hearts in our hands,wondering where this is going…. 

The Movie

Amudha (Ananya) comes to Chennai from her village to attend an interview. Stranded in CMBT bus stand, she takes her sister’s advice and seeks help from a stranger Goutham (Sarva) to find her way around the city and reach her interview on time. She is very scared and reluctant at the beginning, but soon warms up to him to a point where she gets him to take her not only to the interview, but to her sister’s place.. She insists on travelling by Share auto, reports to her sister about her suspisions about him, and judges him through the day..  
Amudha returns to Tiruchy eventually, but realises she has fallen in love with Goutham. She then heads off to make the journey to Chennai to find him[so much so she does not even know his name], just when Goutham boards the bus to visit her in Trichy[ all he knows is her name and that she is from Tirchy]  
 As a new day dawns, in Trichy, another romance is spurting off between Kadhiresan (Jai) and  Manimegalai (Anjali). They aare such contrasts in their personality that it makes us chuckle everytime they meet, and every dialogue Manimegalai thrusts on him.. Their romance takes off rough, but soon finds smooth roads, and finally they decide to visit the village near Trichy to meet Kadhiresan’s parents.
This is when tragedy strikes… Near Villupuram, both the buses collide. What happens then is the crux of the movie…

The director takes us back to each of their lives, giving us a glimpse of what was going on before the accident before he brings us back to the scene of the collision… 

 It is amazing to watch Manimegalai take charge and order people to be taken to hospital, including Kadhiresan, who is hurt and bleeding from his ears… Goutham spots Amudha on the bus, injured and sends her off to a hospital… The finale is at the hospital…. Do the couples unite or do they have to go their ways heart broken? Who survives? who doesnt? Who are the other passengers on the bus and what was their connections?
Watch the movie to know more.. 

Good stuff
The movie is probably the only one i’ve seen in years that is as close to reality as possible…  
Very well made …. 
And the characters are all etched out perfectly… 
The Govinda Song
Wish the director dint show so much goriness of the accident, but i guess its needed to hit the reality button home
In the scene where Amudha and Goutham travel around the city to get to the place of her interview, the maze thry travel left me puzzled.. —->>> From CMBT to Egmore [saying it is Kilpauk]—> from there they seem to go to R A Puram and then to Nungambakkam high Road and finally to Ethiraj Salai [which is supposed to College road]
Again in the scene between Manimegalai and Kadhiresan WHO ARE IN TRICHY, she takes him shopping to ESPIRIT, Khader nawaz khan road[spending 150bucks on auto], blows Rs6000, and then hops across to Barista [above Best wishes, nungambakkam high road] and then she heads off home [in Trichy] and he goes home[in Trichy]
Movie makers- please understand that your audiences do NOTICE things, minute details and we are not DUH!
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