Today was Friday… Rather Today is Friday…. and  i wonder where the day went! its been a hectic few days, and today was no different.. had to step out to meet a friend who wanted some help with work, and we were out for a few hours. Towards the end, we ended up having a dosa and a kulfi… She wanted a Kachang [gola ice], but to wanted kulfi, and she ended up having both!! 😀

I have had kulfis from when i was small, i still remember mom making the batter and then pouring it into the little cone like containers, freezing it and serving it in a cup with a spoon… And so, with time i have managed to try kulfi wherever i found it on the menu….

Today we had Dreams brand Kulfi- badam pista flavour.. Am not drawn towards Chocolate Kulfi, atleast not yet… 🙂 It was yummy, delightful treat…

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