Books and i have such a strong bond, i doubt if ever there will be a day when i dont touch, read, enjoy one!In fact mom keeps harping on how it was reading that got me to wear Specs… She claims i used to read just about everywhere, and sometimes in poor light as well.. Oh,well, i aint complaining 🙂

Now, i read for fun, i read for work and i also read to write reviews…. So, the 3 books that are sitting on the bedside table are the following….

Yes, i am reading the Lonely Planet, this copy landed into my hands few days ago and since i have been bitten by the travel bug quite hard, i am curious to know what, where, when, and how… I do know there is a trip in the offing, and yes, i am excited about it… It is to a familiar city, but am going to explore some unexplored sites for sure!!

The other 2 books am reading for a review website!! They are as different as chalk and cheese and been long sitting without any attention… 🙂

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