Sigh… the days seem to be going by too fast for my liking, wish there was a pause button!! Everyday when i get on to my blog to do the Tag i realise September is also drawing to a close!! …. And soon, we will be welcome Jan 2012… 
Anyways, let me not go so far ahead…. I shall continue to live life a day at a time… 
Today’s theme is Trees, hmm.. for a minute i wasnt sure if i read it right, i looked at the image again, and again… and finally gave up!! Wonder what the person who created it was thinking, or not!! 😀 
I started looking through the images i had that matched the theme and found this one taken last year during our Kerala trip last Nov… 4 of us- high school friends had packed our bags and were off on a week long holiday to Kerala… What fun it was!!
I clicked this shot while on the house boat ride, which we each took turns steering as well. We do want to do another trip, maybe create a tradition of sorts, but logistics, dates seem to defeat us! 

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