Looks like the person who created the tag ran out of topics… or decided to have some fun and jazz it up a bit!  I wish they had put in something like “funny incident”, “your pet”, “quirkiest self shot”,”candid shot of someone close to you doing something embarassing” etc… 😀 [i know, i know.. am evil!!]

Ok, so the topic for the day is … Sunset… Now, what can be more beautiful than witnessing a sunset on a beach alone? Witnessing it with someone you love perhaps?! But then, i was fortunate enough to experience the former..

I was in Goa, about 2years ago and was done with the North Goa tour, with the last stop being Calangute Beach..

The beach was crowded, not an inch was spared till a few kms ahead, and i enjoyed the walk, lost in my thoughts. There were paragliders, jetskis, and many other boats that were giving the tourists a run for their money… The only thing i saw was the beautiful sunset and the ocean glimmering in the evening sky… Was beautiful, but i was dead tired and the day had been long.. it wasnt until i started walking back to the car park that i noticed how far i had actually walked..

On the next day, i had booked myself on a South Goa tour that ended in the amazing Mandovi River cruise in Panjim.. Good music, a drink in my hand, i was all set to enjoy the hour long cruise…  This was yet another beautiful sunset…

Off i go to dream some more of Goa and the peace n quiet i experienced there!!

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