This is probably the easiest topic of the lot so far… There is only one i love very dearly today, and now!! All those who know me might know who i am referring to… 🙂

The love of my life is Floppy, my 4.5 year old spoiled rotten brat… He is always waiting with a smile and fierce wag of tail every time he sees me walk in through the gate and the days when i return from a trip, he stands on hind legs, wagging his tail and butt to a point where i think they are going to fall off, and whining at the top of his voice [which am guessing is complains about me leaving him and going away] .. Whenever i am low or in a fowl mood, i go sit and yap with him, or chase him around the house….   More than him being lucky to have found me, i feel i am lucky to have found him [when he was a tiny pup, standing scared & alone under the water lorry]

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