The fondest memories have been of travel, maybe that was when i was bit by the Travel bug which had taken a sabbatical in between to resume with vigor… We used to live in Madurai and then in Tirunelveli, and so on the last day of my exam every couple of months, we would rush to the station- hop on the train and come over to Chennai [Madras as it was known back then] for a few weeks or a month [depending on how long my holidays were] and return the morning School re-opened… Dad would be home and get all my school stuff ready, we would reach home, i would get into school attire and rush out the door  to the school [which fortunately was literally in our backyard] 

The Egmore station was what i remember the most…. As the train pulled in, i would press my face against the window looking to see if i can spot my uncle who would have come to pick us up and again the day we left, i would be staring at him bidding him goodbye with a tear trickling down my face….. 

This is a photograph of the Egmore station [rear entrance] taken from across EVK Sampath Salai….

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