Ooh, now this is a topic that had me thinking- did i want to look at something new in my life, as in some new trait i had developed, or an art form i had signed up on or simply go the easy way and talk about something new that had just come into my life…. Well, i have something for both… 
As for something new in me, well, i have become a lot of calmer and dont let my mouth get the better of me.. It did take some effort, but then i have realised its easier being this way!!  I do voice my opinions, and thoughts, but just not all the time…. 
And now for something new in life, today i received a lovely birthday gift from a dear friend= its a watch… I love watches, and she gave me the box wrapped in my favorite colour- blue with the phrase “happy birthday” written all over it. As i unwrapped, S went on to say “may this bring you amazing times, may every day every moment be valuable and beautiful as the person you are” 🙂 Was truly touched and overwhelmed…. 


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