I love Technology, but yes, i do know it has its flaws and drawbacks!! In this sense, technology is a lot like us humans- it has its ups and downs, almost like our mood swings… Heck, there are days when i wish we dint have all this modern technology- it just seems to complicate our lives further….

And not to forget the days when the gadgets and gizmo around us simple refuse to work, giving us grief!! Over the years, i see how people have become so dependent on this very technology that today it has become nearly impossible to live without them- be it the phone, TV, microwave, computers, laptops, pen drives, mp3 players, cameras, hard disk, memory cards, cars, bikes, buses, ticket counters, trains, airline websites and blah blah blah… 

All said and done, i love technology….. I love how it allows me to be in touch with friends and family who are far far away………………… I love how it allows me to take pictures to capture special moments…. I love technology… i do.. but i can live without it too…..  !! 😀

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