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I got off the cab, and wandererd around trying to find the source of the sound. All i heard were loud drum kind of beats, that kept floating in the air in a systematic rhythm. Upon following the sound, i discovered a “Chenda” class going on near the Shri Poornathrayeesha Temple in Tripunithura  ..

What is a Chenda?

The Chenda is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the state of Kerala. It is also used in some parts of Karnataka where it is called the Chande. A Chenda is made out of a cylindrical wooden drum and has a length of 2 feet and a diameter of 1 foot.
Chenda is an essensial accompainment to Kathakali,the classical dance drama of Kerala.This instrument is famous for its loud and rigid sound.

Shri Poornathrayeesha Temple premises

Walking up on the wooden stairway, the sound was not far. Spotted a class in progress, with a whole bunch of boys beating a wooden thick stick on a long stone/wooden base. The sound reverberated against the walls and echoed all around.

We went outside to wait for the lady[ part of the all women Kathakali troupe who was to show us around] and that is when i spotted the clock tower on the corner of the street.
The tower was tall, white paint with a tinge of yellow on the borders
and along the window. We also spotted a figure peeping out through the
window [ it was a figuring that looked very life like].. Apparently he
pops out and salutes at every hour and his clothes are changed multiple
times during the day… 

There was a door on the front with this beautiful piece on it…
And as we wandered around the place taking photographs and reading about the place, we heard a car pull over and the lady we were waiting for us was there…
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