I stood there waiting for the crowds to move away, to capture the magnificient place in all its glory. I could hear my friends call out my name, but i stood ground.. I did not know if i would make a trip here again, and so i wanted to soak it all in one last time…A dear friend Sonal came by my side and nudged me towards the bus waiting for us…
I was at the Ba’hai temple or the Ba’ahi house of worship in Delhi.. We had come to Delhi as part of a 2week long vacation from college… And this was the last leg of the journey before we boarded the train to head back to Chennai.. 

The Ba’haí temple is one that welcomes people from all religions, giving them a common space to sit and pray/meditate…The structure is beautiful, in a lotus shape with water bodies surrounding its base. Pristine and white, it has visitors in awe at the sheer size and architecture style… The Ba’hai faith is a world religion whose purpose is to unite all races
and peoples in one universal Cause and one common Faith.

 Photograph taken on Canon Film camera…
I was going through some photographs i had from the college trips and found this among them.. During my evening walk, managed to get the photograph scanned and plan on digitising few more photographs!! 🙂 Brought back such wonderful memories….
I have made multiple trips to Delhi since then, but am yet to revisit the Ba’hai temple….

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