The journey to Coorg was very
special, it was happening after years of dreaming and a few cancelled plans as
well. We were 3 friends, one from Bangalore and us from Chennai, driving down
to Coorg from Mysore. We had booked ourselves for 3 nights at a homestay- CoorgHallimane, in Kushal nagar. As we reached, we discovered the place was quaint,
quiet and perfect. They have about 8 rooms in the main building and a few
cottages scattered around, and we got to stay in one of those. On opening the
window all we saw were mountains on one side and green fields on the other. There
was also a swimming pool in the homestay with a small mushroom style fountain
in the center. What fun we had playing around in it unwinding after the long
drive to Coorg. 
We dint have any set agenda, but
knew there were a few places we would visit for sure. Talacauvery was one of
them. It is a good 4500 ft above sea level, and this the where the River Cauvery
is born. It is said that the river disappears underground before surfacing
again at Naga theertha near Bhagamandala.  Infact, Bhagamandala, about 8kms ahead of
Talacauvery is where one witnesses the confluence of three rivers, Cauvery,
Sujyothi and Kanike.  
During the drive from Madikeri, cloudy
skies and mist was all we saw outside. There was the occasional light drizzle
sneaking in through the window.  Drizzle
turned to rains and it kept up with us through the journey. We had reached Talacauvery
as rains lashed away. We braved the rain and walked on, freezing and soaked to
the bone, looking for hot tea or any sign of shelter. The only thing we had
were the akki rotis and chutney that the staff had insisted we carry along when
we left the homestay. What a godsend it was, especially since we had been on
the road long and not had a bite since morning.   
We were so glad to have chosen a Homestay in Coorg instead of a resort, as this experience was so much more homely and comfortable…   And like many destinations there are many Coorg Homestays that one is spoilt for choice..!!
 Rain did subside as we walked towards the shrine
and the big tank near the Gundike, where I noticed many visitors taking a quick
dip. From there, it was up another set of stairs to visit the temple of Lord
Agasthyeshwara [Lord Shiva] and Lord Ganesha.
Taking shelter from the rain, we
walked along the mandap surrounding the temple, when towards the end I thought
I saw a flight of stairs leading to heaven. Well, that’s what I thought till my
friend brought me to down to reality. Those steps were to go up Brahmagiri Hill,
from where one got a panoramic view of Talacauvery and the city beyond. A lady
passing by told us the story of how a special yagna was performed by the Saptha
Maharishis up in the hills. Had it not been for the rain, we would have made
our way up there.  What an experience
this had been. On the drive back to Kushal nagar to the homestay, there was
silence in the car, with all of us still lost in the beauty of Talacauvery.
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