The silent waters glistened against the setting sun, adding to the lovely mood of the evening. We were enjoying the ride along the backwaters in Allepey, and it was very evident that the 2yr old in our midst was not the only one excited and high… 
The 3 hour long house boat ride was the highlight of the trip, where we got the opportunity to steer the boat, watch people go about their daily routine on a tiny boat, while many others were seen travelling with their cycles on these boats. Step out of the houses and you were on the shore of these back waters. Wow, what their lives must be like was the only thought running in our heads. As the sun began to go down, we had nearly reached the point that was an indication to do a U turn and head back to our resort. 
The hot bhajjis, tea, and pazham pori [banana-Nendram pazham fritters] that the resort guys had packed along for the ride were sinful. As the boat sailed along the smooth waters, we saw the sun set and the beautiful reflection in the water… There were bunches of water plants floating about, adding to the magic of the experience… relaxed and content, we lost ourselves in the serene surroundings….
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