Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
No. of Pages: 326

Genre: Fiction

On reading this book, i realized it was all about the beautiful
connection between a husband and his wife, a father and his daughter; a
father and his son; and a grandfather and his grandson…. it was all
about Bridging the distance… Reconnecting with people who mean a lot
and about a family that is living in different parts of the world and
their stories…. !! 

The book opens with  the protagonist waiting to meet his wife Amaya on
her last day at the school. The story then goes towards the home she has
created in Ceuta and her circle of friends and family and ofcourse

He hails from Bengal, lives with his mother but through a mysterious act
of fate meets this charming Spanish girl, falls in love with her and
makes her his wife.. Their love goes beyond religion, nationality,
lifestyle and so much more, which is what brings them together and keeps
them apart…As their marrried life progresses, they pick up a small
flat where they move to, stretching the little money he makes, while she
goes on to look for opportunities. And one such lands on her lap,
albeit it is in Spain… He agrees, she goes back to her hometown with
their 2 children and he visits once a year to spend time with them. Yes,
they live apart pretty much through the year…

Living alone, he gives up their apartment, moves back in with his mom
and continues to pass each day….    The story weaves beautifully
between the dusty lanes of Kolkata and the scenic sites of Spain… The
big farewell get together they have at home the day Amaya retires, the
way the entire family comes together, their love, connections… As days
progress, Amaya tells her husband she wants to return to India with
him, and she is sure of her decision… He hesitates, but relents… No
sooner does the couple get back together that destiny plays a evil game
and Amaya passes away, leaving him alone once again… 

He returns to Kolkata, gets on with his life, all the while missing his
wife and his kids and grandson Varrun… The skype calls, the emails and
chats continue and so does their life… he reminisces of the children
growing up in Kolkata, his son’s best friend who is a reason for him to
visit once again[for her treatment] and their chauffeur, who has been
around forever, who was at Amaya’s beck and call..

Amar has woven a beautiful tale via this book, he has managed to capture
the emotions and turmoil that people go through when relationships are
broken, the difficulties in a long distance relationship and that of a
yearning man who wants to reach out to his family but is dealing with
life…. Its a good read, and am sure looking forward to Amar’s next

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