My Grandfather’S Stick [Tamil: Yenn Thathavin Oonrukole]

Children have such a vivid imagination that they leave us
stumped most times. Show them a pencil and they will show you atleast 5
different uses to it besides writing on a paper. Such is their power of
imagination. In this book My Grandfather’s stick”[published by Tulika], the author takes us on a journey where the little girl makes use of the stick for things beyond helping a person walk.

One moment, she transforms into a horse rider, flying off
into air on the stick[that has become her horse] .. And then, she is
off camping in the wild with the stick holding up her tent while she
gazes at the stars in the night sky. 

Zip zap zoom!! the stick is now a Magic wand and she is
weaving magic all around… or maybe the stick will grow a pair of wings
to help her fly high above the sky all the way to the moon.

wait, she is not done yet! She uses the stick as a magical pencil to
draw in air- a beautiful house, slide to play in, an elephant or a
cycle, flowers, birds, they all come alive through the stick. When she
is feeling playful, the stick becomes the line that she has just crossed
on the athletic field to become the Champion!! 🙂

Now, how about a ride in the river, lets use the stick as
the oar to move the boat along.. Row row row the boat…gently down the

Wonder what next….

She dreams the stick becomes a tall finger so she can
reach for the star, maybe even touch it..oh wow! But finally, when her
grandfather uses the stick to help him walk, she is the happiest… Such
simple pleasures of joy derived. 


The next time you see a
child playing with a stick or a box, pretending it was something else,
dont interrupt them. Let them enjoy their dream, ask them to share their
dreams with you… You never know, they might give you ideas! 😀




Such simple words written in both English and Tamil, the
book is perfect for those who are just beginning their reading journey..
And for parents who wish to teach their child both English &
tamil… Nandini Nayar weaves magic through words yet again… 🙂

Story- Nandini Nayar
Age – 3+
Pictures- Kshitiz Sharma
Translation- Malarvizhi
Published- Tulika PublishersLanguage- English/TamilFormat- Paperback
Price: Rs85

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