I could hear a buzz near my head, but wasnt sure if i was dreaming or if it was for real.. It was getting quite annoying and after a few seconds, i came awake only to realise it was my Alarm ringing, rather buzzing.. i had put my phone in Vibrate mode and hence this kind of a wake up alarm!! The time blinked 5.45am… Damn, that was early, that too on Saturday… 
But i had a reason for wanting to rise that early! I wanted to catch a glimpse of the sunrise above the ocean… I was in Mahabalipuram, probably the 1st time i had decided to get away for the weekend with friends… 
Every morning
Is the birth
Of something new
As the sun rises
a new day 
is born
Giving us 
dreams and 
wishes to be fulfilled.. 
The morning sun
in all its glory
guides our lives
Quickly made a dash for the beach few 100 yards from our room and soaked in the calm serene almost stillness in the air.. At a distance, i could see the golden glow slowly creep into the sky amidst a few dark clouds… What a sight that was…. 

 The silver shimmering from the ocean shone so bright in that morning sky, it was a sight to be experienced and something that words dont do justice!! I was alone on that stretch of the beach, and felt so at peace with the world, and with myself… 
As the year draws to an end, this will be the last Skywatch post for 2011…. I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!!! Live it up, enjoy yourself and go for it!!
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