Located across the road from One MB, the Chat house on Habibullah Road, Caffe Crush is one of those places that you might miss if you dint know of its exact location. A small entrance that opens into a fairly large space, Caffe Crush is quite the coffee shot. Dont be conned by its exterior!! 

We seated ourselves in a sofa near the entrance as almost all other seats in the inner room were taken. Ordered a Hot chocolate, a Capuccino and 2 Sandwiches-one chicken and other was peas & corn in brown bread, all of which were delightful and Hot…. There was one guy behind the counter who seemed to double up as the waiter and manager.

Dont expect any frills or fancies here, but you can be assured of good service and yummy eats and drinks.  The items on the menu were also priced reasonable. Our bill came to Rs140, incl tax and tip. The room inside had more sofas, and seemed ideal even for official meetings. 

It is only the road outside and the pavement that seems rickety, plus there are no good parking spots nearby, you need to park across the road or further down and walk to the Cafe.

The decor is minimal, but i quite enjoyed the little posters on the walls. One of the narrow walls on the other side had many post its in the shape of cup n saucers, where people had written their comments and opinions. All this added to the ambiance. There was a table near the counter that had an assortment of little curio items, including African figurines, snow balls and few other little dolls. The sofa was quite comfy, with a nice brown cushion with a simple pattern on it..

All in all, a good place for a cup of coffee and light eats!! Will i go back, most certainly!!

Price- 8/10
Ambiance- 8/10
Service- 8/10
Overall Rating- 8/10

72 Habibullah Road[The road opp Vidyodaya School], 
T.Nagar , Chennai
Phone: 044 42606931
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