A friend and i were spending time catching up and as we headed out of Amethyst, she asked “do you think we’ll get movie tickets? any movie??” Taking a chance we headed over to Satyam cinemas, and lo behold got tickets for Rajapattai… There were no other shows at that time… Crossing our fingers, hoping the movie is bearable, we located our seats and got comfortable….

I had seen the Madan’s show on TV the previous day where he interviewed Rajeevan, the Art Director and Susindran, the Director…  Crossing our fingers, hoping the movie is bearable, we located our seats and got comfortable….

… Vikram is back , unfortunately with no bang.. it is only a Crash boom bang, painful landing, all thanks to a weak plot .. He has acted well, essayed off the various roles well, looks good in the fights and the awkward romance scenes!! I have become wary of his movies, not including Deivathirumagal .. Since Kanthasamy, he seems to be taking on the wrong kind of movies, that do nothing for him as an actor and the versatile actor he is known to be!
This movie is all about the good guy beating the bad guy, except here the good guys are all stunt men, and wanna be villain actors… While the bad guy, is a bad lady, something that seems to have become a trend from Swarna akka character [forgot the name of the movie she featured in] 

Vikram and his protege are all doing small stunt roles in movies when he chances upon an old man sitting alone in the temple. The Thatha’s son wants him to write over the Orphanage he runs to the Bad lady, in return for which the son was promised a MP/MLA seat… The son is after the dad and the dad-Dakshinamoorthy [K Vishwanath] seeks refuge with Anal Murugan [Vikram]. The group who hangs around with Vikram are quite sweet, sometimes funny too.. infact, the movie wore on to a point where the Thatha was the entertainer and rest were just side kicks…

Oh, lets not forget the heroine, rather so called heroine of the movie- Pooja [Deeksha Seth], she cant act, she cant dance, well she pretty much cant do nothing… I think she was a model who accidently landed this role.. In the movie, she has probably 4-5 dialogues, in ALL!!

My friend who’s worked with a leading name from the Ad industry has met most of the actors from north and south, she chimed “these stunt actors are so soft and sweet in person… they just seem scary because they are big/tall”

The 1st half was well paced and had us engaged, but post interval, the movie lost direction and went haywire.. They suddenly introduced a Character- Vapa, who was behind the bad lady… One fine day, vikram and his clowns track him down, plan to take him down right there outside the Mosque…. After a bit of struggle, they manage to kill him, only to arouse the bad lady’s anger further….

There are a few comic scenes , and then the antics by Thatha to help Vikram land the woman he has been eyeing… But beyond that, the movie is passe…. Wait for it to be screened on TV!!

I liked the sets that had been created for the movie… esp the one with the small windmill with butterflies for the song.. Apart from that, nothing worth remembering or talking about! Susindran has taken on a challenge, but not sure if he has delivered through…. He had Vikram, wish the story was better thought out and made use of Vikram’s versatility!!

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