Grandparents are always up for something new and today it was Celery soup. Gramma had bought celery and leek few days ago, inspired by a recipe she saw on a TV cookery show. Alas, she dint remember the process and as always decided to abandon the project. 
And there stepped in yours truly. Especially if it is something simple and interesting. An aunt had told me the celery soup recipe few years ago [she had made it for her mom who was ailing with cancer..].. and so i kinda remembered the process. Off i went to the kitchen to attack the ingredients and see what the soup tasted like.
Gramma who had tasted the celery sticks commented “it tastes exactly like onions, quite strong” [she normally does not eat onions or garlic and so this was quite a surprise for me]… 
1 celery bunch- chopped roughly [there is a kind of a skin, make sure to peel that off, else you’ll be picking out fibres with every mouthful]
1 potato- raw, cut into thin cubes
Garlic – a pinch
Salt, to taste
Black pepper, to taste
Oil or Butter 
Milk [optional]
Water- enough to boil the potatoes
1. In a pan, add some butter or oil
2. Add the chopped celery, potato, onion and garlic. Let the onion sweat for a few minutes 
3.Add enough water to cover the potatoes and allow it to cook for a few mins [10mins max]
4. Allow it to cool once potatoes are boiled
5. Blend in a mixer till smooth
6. Pour in the pan, add some water and allow it to boil
7. Add salt & pepper [and milk if you like]
Voila.. Enjoy the hot soup!!  It tasted quite rich and divine, not too strong, not too bland.. I was quite surprised.. We all enjoyed it…
You can also refer to the recipe by Jamie Oliver [pretty much same]
[Sorry no photograph, the soup was gone before i could locate my camera, shall make it once more and be sure to click and share]
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