As I wandered around the vast space looking for Platform No1, as I wove my way around parked and “ready to zip out of bus stand” buses, I saw a few faces and a million expressions, changing with every minute, with every announcement..
Finally, there it was.. “Platform 1” high up above on the ceiling.. There were a long almost endless line of buses, each carrying a whole lot of passengers heading home, for holiday, back to work/college, or maybe to attend a festival/function and so on..

Engrossed I looked at each board seeking the bus that had my name on the list.. Near a pillar, I spotted a man who stood staring at me.. Dont know why, but I paused and smiled..

“you are Aarti, right?” he chirped beaming..

“yep, you look familiar but I can’t seem to recall your name” I muttered..

“Am J, from JSS school, Tirunelveli,”

“Oh wow, how are you? Where are you these days…” I shot out

“meet my wife R, we’re headed to CBE.. Am based here”..

We spoke for a few mins, gave him my card and we bid farewell promising to be in touch..

I hopped into my bus and memories came crashing in.. I remembered we were both part of the Merchant of Venice play.. I was the Duke and he was Shylock.. 🙂

Strange are the places where we meet people from the past..

Every journey has a tale..

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