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Across the road from the ocean we saw was a towering wall and a board that read -Dutch Cemetry and Fort which was the sign we had been looking for.  A fortress town located on the Coromandel Coast in Kanchipuram District, about 70 km from Chennai on the ECR  is Sadras, also known as Sadurangapattinam, and we were standing at the gates [which were shut] of the Sadras Fort. 

It was a blazing hot day and i was dead tired, we had been on the road all day and had just returned from a visit to Kanchipuram and few other places . The gates were all we could see through the locked gates, we took some pictures when we saw a funny looking man come running towards us.. 
He came over and said he was “Anand, the gatekeeper, and that he was a Furniture doctor”.. Had golden glitter on his face, was wearing blue shades, pink nail polish and a orange whistle around his neck.. we had a bit of doubt about him, but just played along trying to get rid of him… When Lakshmi asked him about the glitter, he replied- “Oh,today my daughter’s bday madam, i am coming from the party” and he even posed for a pic!! i clicked while she was taking her shot !! ๐Ÿ˜€

He said he will take us inside thru the back door[which we had passed by and knew there was no way into the fort there…:)].. this was when a policeman walking past told us “Madam, he is mental”.. 

Our man heard this and was like ” Tamilians are the reason other Tamilians dont prosper, you come madam, i take you”…”that policeman is only mental madam, see he is not even wearing shoes”… We beat a hasty retreat, trying to sneak into the car and out, but not before he suddenly said “give me Rs10, if i had taken you inside, it would be Rs 30” … We hopped into the car and asked the driver to speed away… had a good laugh!!!
Phew.. the things we see and people we meet… never ceases to amaze me!  
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