I walked out of the Botanical Gardens thirsty for more.. I wanted to explore Ooty some more.. I knew i might not have time the coming few days and decided to make the most of the day left. Hopped into an auto, and asked him to take me to the Lake.. I had no plans of going Boating, but wanted to walk around, enjoy the place. 
As i got off near the Boat house entrance, i noticed a board across the road “Thread gardens”. The place looked run down and unkempt. But i dint let that alter my decision… Few short steps and i was at Ticket counter. The entry is Rs10 and additional Rs15 if you wish to take pictures. I noticed a man standing near the entrance, and the minute he saw people coming by, he got ready. He spoke about the gardens, the items on display and what was unique about them. 
This beautiful garden has been created by Mr. Antony Joseph and his team of 50 workers over 12years. Nearly 6cr meters of embroidery thread has been used in creating this one of a kind garden. And, to top it off, no machine has been used to create the flowers, lawns, ponds and so on. They have all been done by hand. Amazing…  You need to see it to believe it… 

A self invented technology called ‘Four Dimensional hand-wound Embroidery’ was utilized in creating the garden. There are over 400 different colours apart from the natural coloured threads that have been used across the display.  
Cardboards formed the base for the flowers and petals while copper& Steel wires became stems, all of which have been covered with colourful threads.  In all, there were about 150 kinds of flower and decors which will remain fresh and alive for years to come.  
Infact, as the walk through the gardens came to an end, i spotted a table with a few individual flower plants nestled within glass case for sale. These too had been painstakingly woven from thread….Beautiful.. I couldnt imagine having so much patience, doing such intricate weaving by hand…
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