All around was nothing but barren land, but in the distance i spotted a structure. Was that for real or was my mind playing tricks on me? Yes, the sun was blazing, and i was hot & dehydrated. We had come this far, why not spend a few minutes exploring the area said my mind.. Trudging ahead, we parked the jeep and hopped off towards the structure amidst ruins and rocks. 
That is when  i spotted the sign board “Octagonal Bath”. gigantic bathing area made
in the shape of an Octagon.  There was a small corridor or sorts around the center, lined with pillars on either sides. In the center was a huge
octagonal shaped platform. 
I am assuming the area around this center platform is where the water was filled. “Looks like they had a jacuzzi back then and really lived it up” were the thought running in my head. 
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