After a few grueling months, i finally decided to take a break, albeit a few days only.. There were no two ways about where  i was headed, the destination was clear as crystal and i held the tickets in hand.. I sat in the flight, staring out into the open sky, watching in wonder as the colours changed, just as emotions did within me. From excitement to joy to glee, i was going through it all.

It was not the destination that had me in such a state, it was the
people who were at the destination. Friends, people i have known
forever, people who were more than friends, heck, they were family….

The sky came alive with every passing cloud, sometimes fiery red,
sometimes bright yellow, and i could not get enough of it… Alas, time
wore on and i sat back closing my eyes, allowing the beauty of it all
sink in as the plane descended..

The only thing i kept wishing was- why wasnt my window cleaner? πŸ˜‰

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