We were on Sardar Patel road heading towards adyar and onwards to LB road when suddenly we felt a jolt while waiting at the signal.

Three head turned. We spotted the motorcyclist struggling to get his bike straight. The driver got out of the car to inspect the damage- bump in the rear bumper.. Ouch!

He biker surprisingly waited and came forward to tell us ” the vehicle backed up and that is why I crashes into it”

“No, we dint and you know it” she said.

Seeing the commotion at the signal the traffic cop made an entry, asking he vehicles to pull over to the side of the road. He walked away leaving us to discuss and sort it out..

“the vehicle backed up and that is why I crashed ma’am. Plus you can claim insurance”

“I don’t buy it, and this damage is not covered by insurance. So give me something, am not asking for the entire amount, just a portion”

By this time the traffic cop on duty had changed and the new cop was amidst us trying to make sense of what was happening.

“I don’t have any money on me, only 120bucks where 100 is for application for and 20for a ciggie” he chuckled sweat dripping from every pore on his body..

The cop made some noise about calling the nearest station so we could file an FIr, but quietly suggested to the biker to sort it out else it was bound to be painful long and expensive.

” ok ma’am, I’ll give you the money on 15th”, the biker said .. My dad works at XYZ, mom is unwell at home and I am a freelance web designer. What more do you want to know? I like at Abc st a my name is advit* ..”

“can’t you call and ask a friend for a loan? I can’t be chasing after you..” she countered..

“hello machan, this is ankid here da… Bla bla bla” he spoke for a minute before hanging up. No luck ma’am. 15th I’ll give it to you ma’am, 1800 bucks..

The cop- call your home, let them speak to your mother.. We can’t believe all this story you are feeding us. Your license has Another city address and you don’t have papers for the bike”

He called, spoke abt the sun, the moon and the accident and hung up before passing it on to her..

” see, I dont mind waiting but what guarantee do I have that you will pay up? Give me something as surety.. Give me your watch.. I shall return the minute you pay” she gave him the ultimatum..

After a few mins of deliberation, realizing he had no choice he gave in.. They exchanged addresses and we went on with the day wondering if anything the biker had said was genuine..

The traffic cop made sure both parties understood they were acting on their own will and he had no hand in their compromise..
And lo behold, within an hour he called our driver and said he had made arrangements and the money was ready!! We met him around 4 and took the money..

He gave my friend’s address back and asked for the paper where we’d noted his down.. Strange character!

I was so proud of my friend for not backing down, or giving up.. She stayed so calm and Infact reasoned with him… Way to go babes!!

No, this is not a piece of fiction.. It happened for real on Tuesday afternoon ..

*names changed

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