Last week when i was landed from the escalator onto the 3rd floor at Express Avenue, i spotted a pillar with a poster stuck on it “Pix 5D cinema”.. Just as i took a step to the left, phone rang to announce my friend was there. Rushing towards Escape i made a vow to check out this new place. Well, a week went by and i managed to head back to EA today, again to meet with the same friend, but this time her hubby and kids too were coming along… 

We spent a few hours in the food court, Fun City, and doing the tango while my friend took her own sweet time doing some shopping for her kids [yes, i am not really a shopping person :-)] And then came the twist in tale.
I mentioned “hey, do you what this Pix 5D cinema is? Seen it anywhere in Mumbai maybe ?[they used to live there earlier]” ..
Phat came the reply from N [my friend]: Nope, but lets go check it out. It is 12mins, a 5D experience and about Rs120…
And that was that…. i was dragged, well not really but convinced very sweetly that she was going to spoil me [she spoils me enough as it is] and we were going to experience 5D today!

Saw a long queue outside and almost decided against it when a man in a Black Tee shirt[ Mr Rajesh] came towards us and explained the concept..

  • It was indeed for 12mins
  • An action packed Forest and Roller coaster ride
  • With a full fledged 5D experience [3D glasses included]
  • And a show could fit in about 32 people.
  • To top it off, this concept was just 15 days old in Chennai and running houseful shows daily, with more shows over the weekend 

This is a concept brought to chennai by PIX 5D Cinema Director Rave Shankarr…

He told us the next show was at 6.45, so we could pick up tickets, stand in queue  for the seating was on a 1st come 1st basis. My friend’s hubby decided to hold spot while we went in search of a place to rest our bottoms a bit [well, all that walking,playing games, & shopping was tiring you know]

Ting Ting Ting… 6.45 and the door opened and we were the 1st lot to enter the hall. Based on the mini tip received from one of the earlier viewers, we grabbed seats in the 1st row, and put on our seat belts & 3D glasses.

Lights were dimmed.
The screen came alive and the next thing i know, i am clutching to my seat as it wobbles,
I let out a silent scream as air suddenly rushes out from below
Another few minutes pass by and i feel a poke on my back…
This goes on for what seemed like an hour, but alas was just 12 minutes…..

There are water sprays
Soap bubbles come splashing on your face
Smoke fills the air
and ofcourse lightening, thunder and what not….

Psst. guess what?–  The seats at the theatre are 3 DOF, Drgree of Freedom, witch allows up
and down, front anf back, left and right movement in sync with the
onscreen activity. It also has wide variety of environmental effects
including, smoke, fog, bubbles, thunder, storm, wind, rain, snow etc.

Well, it was one hellova experience. I love roller coasters and such, so this was amazing!! And yes, when you go for it, make sure to grab the 1st row seats [not that i know what the other rows felt like] 🙂

If you have a queasy tummy, do not go for this show
If you have motion sickness, stay away
If you dont like creepy crawly things and get petrified, stay away
If you have just had a hearty meal, wait for it to digest and then go
If you have a heart condition or prone to headaches/migraine, stay away..
If you dont like roller coasters or rough rides, stay away

Dont say i dint warn you~!

Pix 5D cinema
3rd floor, Beyond Escape Cinemas,
On the 3rd wing of the Express Avenue Mall.

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