I have this friend, a friend with no name. She has been with me for as long as i can remember, probably from when i 1st saw the world. She sits quietly, in the corner, waiting patiently for me to be done with my daily activities, chores, errands, work, meetings, and what not. 
She has taught me about patience, and taught me tolerance. But yes, she admits she isnt perfect, so there are moments where i slip up. She reprimands me when i go out of line, and pats me on the back when i accomplish little things. She is there for me, day and night, not a grumble not a complain, nothing but silent support. 
Over the years, i’ve noticed she has changed, or rather situations and circumstances have forced her to change. She says “we go on, like the flowing river, except now we are more aware of the rocks and pebbles that come in our way”. It is thanks to her that I dont trip and fall as much, she holds my hand and lets me take my time to get over these hurdles. 
Before i end the day, we usually spend a few minutes in each others company. Sometimes just to share a few thoughts, and other times i let her try to talk some sense into me. It is at that moment, i know a bond develops between us. Gets stronger with each passing day! 
There are times when i wonder if she has become cold and distant, she does surprise me with a sense of maturity i hope to grasp. She tells me “go for it, dont expect” even when i fight it saying “why should I?” 
She is such good company, i cant begin to explain… I wish i was half as sensible as her.. maybe one day ~ ~
PS: Last night while walking home, i had a conversation with her, about life, friends, family, work, and just about everything else… I guess that prompted this post!!
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