Well, here is my entry for Indiblogger’s Internet is fun!  with Vodafone .. 
I work,surf, hunt through Google
I sing songs with singers
 I dance to the Aerobic videos
I download music and movies 
I send gifts to dear darlings

I chat on Whatsapp

I find places on the map
I fall in love with words from friends
I smirk at comments on my Blog 
I scream at the screen when a site refuses to open
But i smile when it shows me what i want.
The internet,
they call it
Is a big mystery to me
i no not where the words go
i no not how they get to you and me
all i know is
i smile when it shows me what i want 
There are days when i want to run away
everything bugs me to no end
but then a tiny note, or a message or a tune
and i smile when it shows me what i want 
This is the web
i rely on
to help me get some projects
this is the web
i lean on
when i am lonely and miserable
Twitter, Facebook, and Blog
Linkedin, Ryze and Gmail
I use them 
I use them all
I surf on my laptop
I surf on my Blackberry
I even surf on my iPod touch 
Did i mention?
I read, yes, like there is no tomorrow
I bookmark links
I jot down recipes
I prowl the net for interesting information
I study
I learn a new language
I travel
I write and share my experiences
I cook 
I eat
I write and share what i gobbled down
and before i forget
I clickety click click 
yes, you can see what i click right here on 
the internet…
That is how much fun the internet is
i smile
when it shows me what i want…… 
Day or night
Morning or evening 
Sad or happy
Busy or free
I need the internet
it helps me stay connected~!!

And all of this
On my sweet little Blackberry… 🙂

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