I’ve been with the Chennai Food Guide group for a while and its been an amazing journey! Apart from restaurant reviews, the team has now branched out into organising various workshops. Though i’ve not attended any, the feedback and reviews have been left me quite envious. One more is in the offing.. It is the…. drum rolls please….. c’mon, keep em coming….
The Great Biryani Cookout

Who does not like a good biryani? I have had quite a few across restaurants and some were outstanding [simple yet packed with flavour] while others well, less said the better. But i have always wanted to learn the art of making a good Biryani [wonder when that will happen]. For now, here is a treat for all you wannabe Masterchefs, or rather wannabe Biryani connoisseurs 

When– Saturday, June 23, 2012
What Time– 11am through to 2.30pm 
Where– Lakshmi Farms.
How to Get there– It is 3rd Farm House on the RIGHT HAND SIDE after
the ECR Toll Gate from Thiruvanmyur towards Mahabs. You won’t miss the
place on the day of the event!

Who’s teaching– Learn from the best there is, a traditional Chef – Rajab who has under his chef’s hat over15 years of experience of cooking Tamil Muslim Style Biryani at weddings, and other functions. Tempting right?
     What is in store for you??
  • This
    workshop completely teaches you how to cook Biryani (Veggie, Mutton and
    Chicken) Chennai Tamil Muslim Style from the beginning till the very
    end, along with the Chicken 65, Raitha, Brinjal Thokku and Bread Halwa.
    The idea is that all participants get engaged right from cutting the vegetables, washing the rice to loading the Biryani in the Dum.

    Later you all can eat what you have cooked.

    Note: SEPARATE COOKING AND PREPARATION FOR VEGGIES AND NON VEGGIES [ so, dont smirk or scrunch up your face  at the mention of Non veg biryani being cooked alongside veg]

    Things on the COOK, EAT & LEARN Menu:

    1) Veg Biryani
    2) Gobi 65
    3) Onion Raitha
    4) Brinjal Thokku
    5) Bread Halwa
    6) Flavoured Sweet Rice

    1) Chicken Biryani
    2) Mutton Biryani
    3) Chicken 65
    4) Onion Raitha
    5) Brinjal Thokku
    6) Bread Halwa
    7) Flavoured Sweet Rice

    Scaled Recipe Booklet will be Provided and Instructed by a Traditional and Experienced Cook/ Chef.

    Cooking will be done in traditional vessel and possibly using wood fire.

    Everyone gets to take home Desserts – Bread Halwa and Flavoured Sweet Rice

    Unlimited Soft Drinks and Water will be available

    How much– 1499/- Per Person [Includes everything mentioned above]

    What to bring– A Chopping board & a Knife [so we dont get caught if you accidently commit any crimes, other than chopping veggies/meat that is…]

    How to Register?
    Those who are interested to take part in the CFG Biryani Workshop on
    Saturday June 23rd 11am-3pm need to contact Nishanth Radhakrishnan via
    mobile +919840340490 or email him on nishanth@chennaifoodguide.in

    Your participation will be confirmed for the event once payment is
    done. You can come deliver the amount to our office. Address details are
    as follows:
    Chennai Food Guide
    ARZ Consultancy
    No. 17/12 Venkatrathinam Nagar
    Extension 2nd Street
    Adyar, Chennai – 600020
    Behind Cafe Coffee Day

    For e-transfer – email Nishanth [nishanth@chennaifoodguide.in] for account details.

    First Come First Serve Basis: 50 People only

    ALSO GET DISCOUNT VOUCHER FROM DAAWAT A BIRYANI for all participants. For more info on them visit:  http://www.facebook.com/daawatabiriyani

    What are you waiting for? Vethala paakku or the red carpet??? Get going and Register already!!
    You can also check out the Facebook page for The Great Biryani Cookout
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