The winding path, and clear skies kept us company as we drove from Ooty towards Wellington. Why? After 3 fun days with the dogs & their owners/trainers, it was time to check out the Horse show that happens at the Gymkhana Club every year. The lush greenery, beautiful endless stretch of mountains was just breath taking.


As we entered Wellington, i spotted a
few horses running in the wild, and thought to myself  “how wonderful it
must be… to be so free..” and just as my mind was beginning to
wander, the car came to a halt and i was welcomed by the sight of
children all dressed in Jockey outfits, looking smart and ready for the
challenge. The Equestrian track had been set, and rules were being
announced. I took a few minutes to wander the vast club before heading
out towards the judges tent to watch the show. There were a few brown
horses, 2 white and a majestic black one. One of the riders looked like a
kid, she was no more than 12yrs of age. 

Once the signal was made, off they went, jumping, skipping, trotting and running across the various obstacles. I watched them with bated breath, praying none trip and fall, or lose a point for not making the jump. Phew, it was quite an exhilarating experience.
Subsequent to the show, i wandered towards a group of children sitting under a tent, only to discover they were all students from the Equestrian club, aged between 6 and 12, and were here to participate in the show. Past them was where some of the owners were walking about while their horses were being tended to by helpers. Wow, what a day it had been.. The hours spent watching the horses jump and work their magic, the kids rejoice every time a friend achieved a medal added to the experience.
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