Walking down from the gym after a good work out, my friend and I began talking about what’s up for dinner.. With no mood to get home and cook, plus we had an almost hungry ready to get cranky nearly 4yr old with us..

My friend asked if I was up for dinner at the place across the road from our gym.. It was the Asli Punjabi Rasoi, a pure vegetarian restaurant..

She went ahead to check out the place and what they had on the menu..

The guy (manager/waiter/bus boy all rolled into one) told us it will take about 20mins as the kitchen was just getting ready..

We placed our order and told him “we’ll be back in 20mins” in true Terminator style and wandered off to explore a store my friend had spotted nearby..

And there we were, in the eat out that offered almost no ambience, just a few tables and chairs out in the open and random Hindi movie songs (most were from remade Hindi movies) in the background..

On came a plate of salad- heaped to the top- carrots, cucumber, radish, onion, tomato an grated cabbage..

We had ordered-
Garlic naan
Aloo parantha
Saraon ka saag
Daal makhani

The food was piping hot; naan & parantha came with a good dollop of butter( which on request they avoided on subsequent orders)..

Sarson ka saag has been one of my favorites ( have had it earlier at Bpmbay halwa house and Icarus) – it was good..

Daal makhani- well, it was good but very different from what I’ve had earlier

Buttermilk- too watery, but heck, was good after the crazy workout

The man in charge was sweet enough to ask if the kiddo would like some rice and daal.. And they prepared the aloo parantha without any chilly and spice..

Overall, a good fun evening! Will I go back here? Sure, why not!

Ambiance- umm, well, nothing really but atleast no mosquitoes

Price- the meal for the 3 of us cost Rs484

Service- 9/10 ( that evening we were the only ones in the place)

Asli Punjabi Rasoi
Opp Indian bank/ State bank of India ATM/Blue Gym
Few doors down from CP art center towards teynampet
Eldams road

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