Like many others, I’ve spent hours looking at videos and photographs of Antarctica and wondered “will i ever go there?”  Oh well, i dont know the answer to that question, but what i do know is Mridula Dwivedi, a traveller from Delhi is all set to embark on her journey to Antarctica.. Yep!

Who is Mridula?
Dr Mridula is an academican from India. She blogs at Travel Tales from India and her most recent big trip was to Everest Base Camp. She is joining the International Antarctic Expedition 2013 with Sir Robert Swan’s 2041.

Who is Sir Robert Swan? Sir Robert Swan is the first person to walk unaided to the North &
South Poles.

Whats so special about this expedition?
The International Antarctic Expedition is all about raising
awareness about Antarctica under his leadership.  As to why 2041, that
is the year the no-drilling no-mining treaty comes up for review. The
expedition also aims to address the key issues related to the treaty and
how it will impact the environment. 

I got curious, and visited the 2041 website.What I read left quite an impact, which is what prompted me to do this post… 

Robert Swan and the 2041 team will
lead an international team of corporate leaders, environmentalists,
entrepreneurs, teachers and young people on a journey through the
Antarctic Peninsula, visiting incredible locations and sharing his
insights and personal experiences of this unique continent along the

Wow, that sure sounds exotic and adventurous..  And this is what Mridula is going to be doing..  That is if she is able to raise about $22,000 [not including airfare & gear].. She is requesting people from all corners of the globe to donate, to contribute and help… She infact says “Even if I personally can’t make it to Antarctica I would leave all the
money collected from this page to 2041. After all the cause is much
bigger than ‘me’. I need to raise $22,000 as the expediton fee plus air
fare and Antarctic gear.”

I knew someone else had been to Antarctica recently on a similar venture. Ah, yes, it was   Dr.Priya Venkatesh. I remember Lakshmi mentioning her preparation, and experience!
Mridula has written about this on, a site through which people will not only come to know of the expedition but learn how to contribute..  So, why dont you do your bit- spread the word and help!!

Get going!! If you can do good, help a person, do it now!!

Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!!

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