Hey, do you want to catch up for dinner?

Sure,  suggest a place and tell me when, shall land…

ok, there is this restaurant called “Peacock” on 100ft road, just come over there around 8, i should reach then.

And within seconds, a plan was made…

It took me a little longer than 5mins to find the place and then to
spot my friend V, who was err enjoying some retail therapy at Pavers on
the ground floor. I vaguely remember there being a Reliance Footprint at
that exact place and a Gloria jeans coffee nearby. That night i noticed
a transformation had happened in the year or so..  Pavers and another
outlet had taken the place of Reliance, while Gloria Jeans had become a
small bistro of sorts. We had walk through the place to find a stone
staircase leading to Peacock on the 1st floor.

was an interesting waterfall structure near the path, with an elevator
alongside. The entrance into the restaurant  was quite extravagant, dark
lighting and swanky furniture, fittings and art. We were shown to a
table along a wall, where a plush sofa ran along the length of the wall.
The ambiance seemed quite posh…

The waiter {forgot his name, such a darling he was, serving us,
making sure we were taken care of} came over and announced there was a
Happy Hour deal on Wine. Well, we wasted no time in ordered a glass of
Sula white wine.. Umm, the only faux pas of the evening was that my
glass of wine had an ice cube floating in it. We squealed on seeing it,
and the waiter was quick to replace with another full glass of wine 😉

catching up on our lives, work and what not, we got down to ordering
food. A starter that was paneer tikka that was so soft and filled with
flavour. For the main courses– mine was Lettuce wrapped around stir
fried veggies [it was in the salad section, but i decided to try it out]
and my friend ordered a Fish sizzler [though she wanted it on an
ordinary plate passing up on the smoke filled hot sizzling plate option]

The dishes were divine, starting with the starter to the main dishes….. We did pass up on the dessert as we were fairly stuffed. I did chat with the waiter on the restaurant’s background, and if they had presence elsewhere. Apparently its fairly new, and only in Bangalore, but the brand had 2 more eateries in Bangalore- one on the ground floor of the same building- Cream & Crust and the other one was Woodstock [Thanks @Deepakao for this updated information]

We walked out grinning- good food, good company and lovely weather…. Was good meeting my friend who’d recently moved to Bangalore [yes, new job] Here’s to exploring new places on every visit to this familiar town…

Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 7/10 [ the meal we had cost Rs1780 incl wine]
Service: 8/10

+91 9686377553, +91 9686377667
57, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 

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