There is a new eat out in Town, yes, one more, but this one seems promising. Why? It is pure Veg, a chain that has been quite successful in Bangalore, located in Nungambakkam, off Haddows Road and menu is simple, the icing on the cake- it is very reasonably priced!
And the decision was made. When a friend’s friend- SR was in town and asked if we could meet up, after a few messages, i asked if we could do lunch at Veekes & Thomas ?!
We landed there at 1pm, and on opening the door to the restaurant found it hot and stuffy. One the staff apologized and told us they were facing power issues. We then decided to sit outside, and luckily it wasnt too hot. 
Since we were meeting for the first time, we spent nearly an hour catching up, swapping stories, sharing work experiences and of course talking about the mutual friend…
It was nearly 2pm when we thought we should get down to ordering Lunch… 
They had about 3 soups and it mentioned “served in Chai glass” which is what got me curious.. The Basil & Tomato soup was not available and so we settled for the French Onion soup [i’d recently watched the Masterchef Masterclass episode where Gary made the French Onion soup and my oh my, it looked divine] 
The other day when i had been here, few friends were just winding up. One of them in particular mentioned that the Brocolli Corn Cheese Starter was delightful. And well, yes, i had to try it. It was crisp with a nice bite to it and filled with flavour- served with a tangy sauce. 
For the main dishes, i chose the Ratatouille [for some reason, the dish always brings the movie to my mind and i wonder if the dish is going to resemble a rat or come with a toon picture… lol]. I enjoyed the Ratatouille, but the rice had a bit of a bite, i wonder if that is how it is supposed to be or if this is a different kind of rice….
While my friend chose the Penne with Vegetables [which was a bit bland so we added chilli flakes and herbs to it and then  it sang like a tweety bird… :-)]


The food was really good, simple. We were stuffed and so passed up on Desserts. But the most amazing part was when the bill arrived- this meal for 2 was Rs538/- .. What a steal…. 
We lingered on for another half hour yakking away before parting ways. It was one good happy lunch! Will i go back here? You Betcha!
Ambiance- 7/10 [inside is nice, with all the music posters on the wall and pictures of food etc]
Price- 9/10
Service- 8/10 [ Umm, there were times when we couldnt quite understand what the waiter was telling us. Guess its their accent]
Overall Rating -8.5/10 
#15/4 Haddows Lane
Haddows Rd  Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034
Ph- 09710026669
It is in the lane right next to Fashion Folks on Haddows Road [ Adj to Shastri Bhavan], go right till the end and you will see it on your left next to an apartment complex. 
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