Ar: Hey, am in town. want to catch up for lunch on Mon or Tue?
Me: Sure, lets meet on tuesday, what say?
Ar: sounds good. where?? somewhere preferably in Nungambakam.. Suggest something new and exciting
Me: hmmm.. there are loads of new places on KNK road, have you been to any- 5 senses? 3 kingdoms? Fresca?
Ar: 5 senses please… i like the sound of it… Around 1pm? 
Me: Done deal.. See you soon!! 
And that is how the lunch plan was made.. that fateful day, i got a bit delayed and reached a few minutes late. Ar was already there, seated inside with Hollywood stars looking down on us from the walls. After a few minutes of catching up, we decided to check out the Buffet menu before deciding on which to opt for- Buffet or a la carte. the Buffet had 85% vegetarian dishes, actually 90% veg and just 2 side dishes that were non veg. Priced at Rs500+tax, it seemed to be a good deal.  I had been here once earlier with a different group of friends and we had a whale of a time…. My earlier review is here
The lobby from where you take the elevator
We sat down in our table and started catching up on our lives.. It had been quite a while since i had seen Ar [we meet every time she comes to town :)]  We ordered a drink [i’ve happily forgotten the name- it was Vodka+cranberry combination] and was delicious. We also nibbled on the pita bread & hummus[Boiled chickpeas+olive oil+garlic+lemon juice] that was placed on the table. It was divine.. There was also Tzatziki [cucumber+yoghurt+garlic] to dive into.

 The Starters

The Drink
The meal began with a bowl of Wild Mushroom Cappucino [soup] that was quite rich and filled with flavour
We got to talking about tattoos, both of us have err… umm,,, enough, and were eager to get more.. She shared her experience of visiting a tattoo artist’s shop and not getting good vibes. we were talking about the others in town when the waiter brought forth the starters. 
There was an assortment of dishes- a small pizza with baby onions and cheese; Falafel and Mini baked samosas filled with vegetables- Spanakopita [ a typical Greek/Arabic dish]. They were quite filling… 
Forcing ourselves to go have something from the assortment of main course, we started discussing work, how her handmade jewellery business was shaping up and the plans she had for future. 
I took some spaghetti in white sauce cooked with simple vegetables, a spoonful of stir fried vegetables, and some salad [cherry tomatos, lettuce, colour capsicum that i had with a vinaigrette dressing] .. The food was quite good, very simple flavours, and light as well. 
The dessert options werent too exciting- there was an Orange sorbet, Rose & vanilla ice cream, and 2 puddings- one strawberry and one vanilla. We gave dessert a miss and made our way out.The food was much better than the last time i had been here and i also noticed the prices had been reduced[but it is on the higher end]
Meal for 2 costed around Rs1400odd [incl Tax]
Food: 8/10 – Simple flavours, good portions.
Ambiance: 8/10- fairly quiet, no loud blarring music, they do have 2 TV screens playing either a sports channel or a movie
Service: 8/10 – prompt and polite
Price: 7/10
9, Khader Nawaz Khan Rd, 
Chennai – 24
Drive down Khader nawaz khan road, and right next to Bang & Olufsen, New Crimson chakra there is a complex- park and head over to the elevator to the top floor to get to 5 Senses. 
You can see their Lunch & Dinner menu here.
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