It is only fitting that i do this post today, celebrating Ganesha’s
birthday- Vinayaka Chathurthi as we call it. I have done a few posts earlier i recall.. Ah, here they are 
Today, gramma did the puja
at 7am unlike the usual 9-10am. We were all up, ready and waiting for
the priest by 6.30am..

I love collecting Ganesha idols,  and it has me feeling good every time
someone gifts me a Ganesha idol- irrespective of what it is made of or
how big or small it is. I wish i had a space to show them off, but for
now some are in the living room curio, some in puja room, some near the
computer and others in my cupboard.


Ganesha ready for the puja 
3 new ganesha’s in my collection… 2 smaller ones are made of glass[shall try getting a better pic]

Ganesha reminds me of my trip to Goa. Why? well, during my visit, one day i headed out to Old Goa- where i also managed to visit an old Portugese house. I wish i had been more interested in history, would have dug deeper to learn about the owners and their lifestyle back in the days..

So, as i wandered through the rooms, noticing the little details on the curtains and sofa corners. As I turned a corner i was in for a lovely surprise. I spotted not one, but 2 small rooms with a towering cupboard fitted with glass doors. What did they hold? Shelves filled with Ganesha idols- small, big, clay, stone, metal, and just about every other material you can dream off, some were standing, some lying down, while others were playing musical instruments. It was such a treat. I spotted a guide leading a group of eager tourists wandering to the very room. Stood ground to see if i could catch some insight into this.

One cupboard filled with Ganesha idols

And lo behold, he was telling them how a Portugese family had once lived in the house, very wealthy family with a Brahmin cook. Years later, when the cook had passed away and they were ready to leave Goa,  the child in the family insisted they leave the Ganesha collection intact… Sweet child & lovely gesture!

Do you have any interesting Ganesha Stories? Do share…. Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi…

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