Friend: hey, are you free on 29th Sep?
Me: nopesy…. 
Friend: woah, yenna doings woman?
Me: Me gonna be bijy with the CFG party..
Friend: Oh, that foodie gumbals-a?
Me: Oye… but athe athe…
Friend: what the you peepals doing that day? going somewhere fancy spancy to eat-a?
Me: Nopesy.. we the doing a party for the foodies
Friend: hmmm.. intersetting.. but all evening talking about food, food and more food, bleh…
Me: di, its not going to be like that… we the gonna have a quiz, there be the uber awesome CFG presentation, and oodles of fun… Plus you also get to meet all the cool people i know ;o)
Friend: Like that… hmm, me the tempted now…. Seri, how do i attend?
Me: ticket vangu.. zimble…
Friend: how much it ees?
Me: Vonly Rs1000/- but for you, i the give it for Rs999/- [special offer you see ;o)]
Friend: Aha, kalakals… seri, where to buy this ticket from?
Me: Me?
Friend: Aha, you do the side business and all now is eet? lol…
Me: shuddup ya… give me the money and take it the ticket… onnu poduma?
Friend: for now.. but will try and bring my other gumbal and see if they are interested….
Me: wokays!!!
Thats all.. story over..what you are waiting for eh? vethala pakku and all-a? come buy your ticket and join us in the party, i say!!
Disclaimer: i pramise that nobody was hurt or slapped during the making of this post… And i did not have a knife or milagai podi with me.. i dint yovar honour..!! 
What? you want ticket? come come.. i have a few,. will gladly give. bring your amma appa thatha patti, coujin sister, thoorathhu vittu chitappa and pakkathu vittu ambi also….
Innum ethavathu padikanumnu mood irunda, check out —
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The link to purchase ticket for the party evening online- CFG 8th Anniversary party
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